Hi, I’m Stefania-Larisa

A multimedia designer based in CPH.

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This is a multimedia designer’s portfolio, so that’s who I am. About me, there are lot to say but some of the important things I will write them here.

I am a Romanian student, having 19 years old, far away from home, right in Denmark, living her dream and fighting for it. I am creative, an outside the box thinker, who is always in search of newness and unforgettable experiences.


For the moment all my work experience is resuming at volunteering.I work as Communication and Information Adviser for the League of Romanian Students Abroad (LRSR), in Copenhagen.

I am part of some educational projects realised by LSRS like CARAVANA 2016 and SMART Internships (in collaboration with the Romanian public instutes) in which my job is to design promotional campaigns, to advertise them and to manage the public relation between our senders and our users


I am currently studying Multimedia Design and Communication at KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. This programme is built around 4 core areas of Business, Communication and Presentation, Interaction development, Design and Visualization.


Travelling, meeting new people, watching movies, reading some good books, drinking a tasty coffee in a cosy place, exploring the whole world and searching for inspiration in it .. these are my passions, what I love doing in my spare time.

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